Newly Revised Working Conditions Contract 1999-2014

Negotiated side letters and stipulations, not uncommon in labor relations, are created to allow a Union and Management to achieve goals in a timely manner without bargaining a whole new contract. An example of this is our December 2006 agreement that created positions in the Adult Learner Program (ALP) that more accurately reflect the staff’s skills, education and duties. This allowed both parties to resolve an out-of-title grievance filed by the ALP employees without having to bargain the whole contract.

Since 1999, Local 1321 and the Queens Library Administration have negotiated six side letters and stipulations affecting our working conditions. The contract accompanying this letter incorporates all the agreements from the six side letters. We now know when we have to use our bonus day. We now know about our arbitration panel. We now know about Central Library Maintainers and the required licensing process during the cooling season. We now know about our annual leave year. We now know our contract. Additionally, it has the current Library department names.

In the coming season, Local 1321 will begin bargaining for a new contract. Using this newly updated contract, we can create the demands we want in a new contract. By definition, bargaining for a new contract requires agreement between the Administration and the Union and we may not get all of our demands. However, our promise to you is, we will keep you informed of the bargaining progress.

In the meantime, read our new contract. Listed below are the titles of the side letters and stipulations and where they were incorporated in the contract. Our website contains the actual agreements.

Joint Arbitration Panel, Letter of Agreement, Jan 7, 2002

2% General Wage Increase, Letter of Agreement, Nov 14, 2004

Adult Literacy Center Titles, Stipulation, Dec 19, 2006

CFM Maintainers working at Central, Stipulation, Oct 1, 2008

Non-Discrimination Clause, Letter of Agreement, Sep 17, 2008

Annual Leave, Letter of Agreement, Feb 25, 2009